domingo, 6 de março de 2011

On my way to Timergara

On my way to Timergara

I know that I will disappoint many , as I was really disappointed as well…. My first idea of starting to tell stories somehow based on pictures totally collapsed… As there is also a zero tolerance MSF policy in terms of pictures …why??....maybe later I will explain how things work….

….Finally I am on my way to do my job… and I am reaaaalllllyyyy looking forward to it…. First , for the trip, to see the country, the people , the rural areas, the mountains…. I am a bit tired (stupid jet lag doesn’t let me go)…. But I know that this is my first of 2 chances (the way back) to see the country and I complete refuse to close my eyes even for a second….to take as much as can with me , as my camera will not take much….

They love to decorate their vehicles…. The “tuq-tuqs”, and the small vans call my attention…. But when it cames to the big trucks…..uuuaaauuuu !!! Its like an open air exhibition, of colors, adornments, and artifacts, with a very high wooden top in something like a wave shape…..The coolest trucks I have ever seen..... I just wanted to take pictures , so much ;(….

The border of the NorthWest Provence or KPK, comes up …..and guess what ?? Huge check point !! All kinds of detectors, and devices that I cant really understand, search the cars, that stay in a long cue…. I am happy to be able to slow down and see the population, the street shops and markets and all of this new planet , that makes my craziest imagination feel very poor !! To the sound of Pastun music my mind travels very deeply…. I start opening my window…. but the driver stops me : “ You cant, MSF policy… some sectors of Islam believe that you cant listen to music , and it would be a sign of disrespect  to some , in the name of MSF, to listen to music from our car !!!” …. Surprises of this far, far away world, never seem to stop….. I turn of the music and lower the window , to try to feel closer to all that is around me …. The windows are bulletproof , but I guess I am still allowed to do that…

And then, the mountains start getting closer and the road doesn’t stop to amaze me …..I even see some Pakistani stopping the car to take pictures…. Rocky, but green….huge mountains, with very wide valleys, giving some immense panoramic views of some of the best places that I ever seen…the highest peaks starting show off in the back full of snow.....and I just thank to MSF to all that they have "gave" me , and I am only starting my mission...

Following a very wide, but quite dry river in between the hight and infinite mountains....  the driver tells me, pointing for a place few kms far : " That is Termergara!"  . 
I have kind of a repeated feeling of the same time, another driver  in the heart of Africa told me the same thing when I was arriving to Masisi, Congo... Sorry that the trip was about to finish, and that my eyes will be walled, I have the great feeling about the beauty of the place that will be home (prison) for a month...

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  1. Que pena não se poder visitar esse país tão bonito como fazemos noutro qualquer!


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