domingo, 6 de março de 2011

Still stuck in Islamabad

I am already in Timergara, but there a few things to say more about my days in Islamabad….

On Thursday… after all my briefings , some of the expats from Timergara came to Islamabad to rest on the weekend, witch you can do once a month… They seem very nice people, and I can tell right away that they are so happy to have a bit more freedom, the women can uncover there faces, and men don’t need to avoid looking at a woman in the eyes or shaking hands , etc, etc…. They are so happy, like someone who has been release from prison…. The prison where I will go… But I am glad to meet them ….

We go in a big group to have dinner to a fancy restaurant (a french club)…. The military checkpoints are just one after the other….but thus time much more strict….as we were entering the diplomatic area….search….. passports…..more search….and more checkpoints…and to enter the restaurant was like passing the security of the airports in the US….. It’s a huge tension in air….

I still don’t have half of the basic story of the recent history of Pakistan, and I just came to realize that a Minister was killed 3 days ago…. And for every bomb they you would see on CNN , 50 others are exploding in many places…. Complicated…..very complicated….

Nice dinner, and the ones that just arrived from Timergara are enjoying wine and beer as if it was a supreme luxury…. Because there is a zero tolerance of alcohol, in Timergara…. So I kind of feel like I should enjoy even more every drink……before “prison”…. And still I almost cant sleep, as I start in my first text…. 

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  1. Acabei de ler as tuas notícias, estou em casa da tua mãe e seguimos as tuas aventuras de hora a hora. Que loucura! As regras de contacto com as mulheres... fiquei sem perceber como vais dar anestesias sem lhes tocar nem olhar. Beijos,


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