segunda-feira, 4 de novembro de 2013

Forbidden to talk

(releio e publico palavras soltas numa tentativa falhada em escrever quando estava em Timergara, Paquistão )

A fantástica e inquietante história de Malala, que tanto me inspira  e me reforça a motivação para voltar a escrever

It has been a bit more than a week.....

Once again my plans of writing often, fail….. for many reasons I guess: Too much work…. Some days/nights have been crazy…. The need for team building, by trying to know them and make life easier for all of us….. And something else that I never really thought about: I have to be very careful about sharing all my thoughts in an open blog…. Some of my “western” opinions could make things more difficult for our mission….if they were to be read and understood in a wrong way….

I know that I am a nobody but we never know…. And what I say or do will always be seen as statement of this amazing organization that works all over this country….

My motivation to scream to the world about some issues that really shock me is huge….but I am here to work as a doctor, and not to try to change their cultural behavior….

…. But I will try to share some facts in a politically correct way, about somethings that I have come to understand…

Almost...... Forbidden to talk !

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